who we are

At surface level, we’re a bunch of ex-advertising employees who believe that there are too many talented, brilliant people working on mundane, pointless projects. We think there is a way for people to use their skills to help change the world, one project at a time. At Hatch we want to work toward a future where good behavior and giving back are rewarded, and where people can make a high quality of living doing good.

the impact model

At Hatch, we quantify project impact to help nonprofits establish marketing priorities when to do’s seem never-ending. Impact rating also helps freelancers understand the kind of project they’re about to undertake - one requiring skill, lead by passion.

Explore the diagram below to learn more.

impact rating (1-10) lives affected (1-10) i Lives affected relates directly to the number of people this project might reach. Local projects may have a lower rating in this category than global ones. crisis measurement (1-10) i Our crisis measurement relates to whether or not the project is a life or death situation. An example of this may be a site to get clean water to Flint, Michigan as opposed to banners that might help drive awareness of a problem. level of urgency (1-10) i The level of urgency refers directly to timing. This number may be higher on a project that is time sensitive (like the passing of a bill in Congress) as opposed to something that may not need to be immediately addressed.

affordable, beautiful work

At Hatch we’ve grown a network of creatives who prioritize passion over price tag. We’ve created a unique pricing algorithm that helps you gauge how much to pay per hour within a reasonable limit. Our biggest priority is understanding what each organization can afford, and level setting expectations with our freelancers who are ready to create impactful work for an understandable check.

meet the team

Claire Humphreys

VP of Operations

“Change is hard. And if you don’t fight for it, you can’t win.” - Elizabeth Warren

Rachel Renock

CEO & Creative Director

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" -Alan Kay

Kristen Ablamsky

Head of Product

"At the beginning, the main thing that matters is what that future world will look like. From there, you work in reverse." - Chuck Klosterman

Martial Jefferson

VP of Engineering

"It is wise to agree that all things are one." - Heraclitus

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New York, NY, 10011