the overwhelming urge to create something unidentified inside of you. It is the impulse you feel to solve a problem so powerful that it might change a life, and in changing that life it may change the world.

change someone's world.

Hatch is a network that provides creative, development, planning and production freelance resources directly with nonprofit and cause-conscious companies on a paid project-by-project, passion-by-passion basis.

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Baton Rouge Flood Recovery Video

video editing


SBP will be leading the recovery/rebuilding efforts in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas following historic flooding in August. Over the past few weeks we've filmed video from the ground as well as from a drone. We want to create a video that helps people understand the scope of the damage and inspires them to support rebuilding efforts by volunteering with SBP and/or donating to SBP.

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We believe that everyone can find a cause outside of themselves to pour their creativity into, and that many of the worlds problems can be solved with just that: creativity. Not ready to commit? Explore more of the types of projects we offer.

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